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Convert EML file to PST online at your own home

To convert EML to PST does not require expert intervention anymore. Now anyone with the basic knowledge of operating computers can convert EML file to PST without any assistance. That is possible now thanks to Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. This software has the best ever features planned to grant the users with the best mail conversion experience. One gets to use the software as per their need, it can be used to convert thunderbird, apple mail and EML to PST easily.

An all-in-one software without any learning curve

Effectively convert EML to PST free with the trial version, it does not require the user to spend time into the learning of the operation. The interface is intuitive, so a first-time user would feel at home using it. Apple mail, thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML can be converted into PST using it. The image below displays how the conversion will go. First you are supposed to choose the mail client you want to convert your data from, the entire database would be chosen from it, then you can select the files you want to convert. Finally, check the box on the right side to ignore empty folders and give the command for the conversion.

eml to pst

Convert EML to PST in lesser time

Usually EML to PST conversion is a complex process that takes a significant amount of time for completion, but it is not the case for the users of this software anymore. They can convert their data speedily thanks to the ability of this software to convert data directly in the mac. Since there is no need to transfer data to windows, lesser time and lesser number of steps is required to finish the same process.

Another super-smart way to save time is to use the bulk conversion method. It lets one convert several files in a single session, thereby making it unnecessary to keep repeating the process.

Smart software that can process all sorts of files

There is no data that this software cannot process and no file it cannot convert. In fact, the user can select the size and split the files into smaller ones automatically thanks to the auto-splitting facility. Other than that, it is great at processing files of English and non-English without struggles. Some languages use double-byte characters, Asian languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese are recognized by this software and converted without any alteration.

Preserves folder hierarchy and metadata dutifully

Converting files this software does not have to be succeeded by messed up desktop screen littered with files. One can convert several files and still expect them to be hierarchically arranged as per folders and subfolders.

Metadata is also given proper care since without them the whole database would be jeopardized. Same goes for attachments and nested messages, they are processed responsibly.

Free trial version for everyone

Now anyone can use this software to convert EML file to PST online as a free trial version is available. The user can upgrade to the full version anytime they want to.

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