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The professional way of converting Apple Mail to Outlook Mac!

Outlook has been one of the most famous email clients on both Mac and Windows. It has been around for quite some time now and provides you with exceptional features to work with. The software tool has a huge user base and can deal with very complex things very easily.

Apple Mail on the other hand, is relatively new as compared to Outlook. This email client also provides its users with exceptional features and intelligent interface. It also has a massive user base. Both Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail are very powerful email clients available to MacOS users and are relatively similar.

Outlook edges out Apple Mail in terms of dealing with complex stuff as it has been around for a longer time and is backed by a lot of research. Another major difference between the two is that Apple Mail uses EMLX file for storing the data whereas Outlook for Mac uses the usual MBOX format. Therefore a problem arises when you want to convert Apple Mail data to Outlook Mac.

Apple Mail to Outlook Mac Conversion: The challenges

Due to the ability of Outlook to deal with complex problems in a better way, many users make a switch from Apple Mail to Outlook. But the biggest problem that they face is in converting the data from their previous email client to their new one, I.e, converting Apple Mail data to Outlook Mac.

There is no direct method to convert Apple Mail data to Outlook Mac, therefore, you need to figure out a way yourself. Manual approaches of email conversion become useless with increasing data complexity and size. So, there is only one way left, third-party converters.

You need to switch to a third-party converter to get the required help and convert the data easily.

Mail Extractor Max: The third-party converter that helps

Not every other converter tool does justice with your conversion process and safeguards your data. You need to be very careful with selecting the right converter tool for your conversion process.

Mail Extractor Max from USL Software is the most recommended tool for Apple Mail to Outlook Mac conversion and is “the” tool to go for. This converter tool from the leading innovators in the business help you in converting the data quickly, easily and accurately.

Apple mail to outlook

Convert the entire database without a mistake

Conversion accuracy ranks up pretty high in the important features list. And Mail Extractor Max provides you with one of the most exceptional conversion accuracy. The algorithm that the tool supports easily converts all the data without any problem.

All of your metadata, nested messages, attachments, Unicode data and even the double byte data is converted by the tool easily. Now your emails with languages like Chinese and Japanese will also be easily converted and retained.

Maintain the folder hierarchy during your Apple Mail to Outlook Mac Conversion

Messy folder structure post the conversion process has become a very common sight with ordinary converter tools. Most tools fail to retain the folder arrangement from the input files which results in data being stored in an unorganized manner in the output file.

Mail Extractor Max helps in retaining the folder structure from the input file. You get all the files arranged in the same manner as they were in the input file. Retaining the same folder structure helps you in organizing and managing the data post Apple Mail to Mac conversion process easier.

Check this all out yourself. Download the free trial of the tool today at

You can also try 'Mail Extractor Pro' to convert Apple Mail to PST.

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